Christmas a different Christmas! Posted July 2, 2016 by admin


I used to be happy putting up the decorations, dancing and star making and enjoying the Christmas sweets. That was all and then I was just locked up in the house for holidays during those one week. But this year for X’mas my Regina aunty who are caring and sponsoring me for the last 8 months invited me to her house. On the day of Christmas she came with her children to my small house. I was very shy to take her in, but Regina Aunty did not mind sitting on the floor along with me and speaking to my grand mother. I did not have much to offer her. I told my grand mother I will go and get Rs.5 milk to make a cup of tea. Yes, I gave the tea to them. You know the tea was looking black and the sugar was not enough either. I was hoping that she will not ask for more sugar, Luckily she did not.

jesusAfter sometime she took me in the car. She did not put me on the back seat but gave me the front seat and made her two children to sit behind. I felt so happy. I said to myself that she was like my mother,really caring for me and it was no pretense at all. Once I reached her house she took me to the crib and explained its meaning. I was feeling very important. My dress was just an ordinary one. This aunt care taker of mine made me to sit and play games with her children. Next item was gift opening. Along with her children, I was also given the opportunity to open the gift. You know what I received a beautiful a set of Chudidhar. I was so happy. “ Then we had the meal. There was lot of food to eat. After this,My mother ,no,no…… my care taker aunt dropped me home, I began to think that Jesus being born means Caring for children who have no parents. Could it be that rich people coming to the houses of poor people ? Is this Christmas.