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Happy and lucky days are here again

Priyanka is a child of 11 year old; she has lost her mother and has her father who doesn’t care for her but her grandmother does. Her grandmother gets around Rs. 2000/- widow pansion and Rs.1000/- is house rent. Remains is just Rs. 1000/- Lets see what priyanka has to say.

“I love to play a lot but past 1 year I have stopped playing completely and I don’t even go for school because I feel very weak. You know something I also take a very heavy doze of ART medicine. My doctors shouts at me and my grandmother as my protein intake is very less. She says drink milk, the doctor is not aware about our condition. For my grandmother to buy milk is as expensive as buying gold”.

Priyanka has now been given support of Rs. 500/-, it is a scheme where a person sponsors that amount to very needy child and helps the child in the present ill situation. Priyanka adds more.

“Recently 3 month back I have been getting a milk of glass everyday at home and that keeps me very healthy I have started to play to. Its my lucky day when I receive milk. Now yes from 3 months everyday has been lucky. Grandmother says there is a person who is paying and sponsoring the money for me to get milk. My health looks to be fine I have started to play only because of that 1 person out there. I am happy now and my grandmother doesn’t have to worry. Before I use to get milk once in a week and my mother provided me with it. Whenever I would get that glass of milk I would call it a happy day and a lucky day. Now it is everyday, My happy and lucky days are back again! I have seen this happening at the social centre of Presentation society. I go there every month in the beginning ,and when I am there for almost 30 minutes many other children with their grand parents or aunts or their survivor parents also join me.”

“What is this miracle called didi?” This miracle is called ‘donor relative care’ taking place in the life and 35 other children too. Here a child receives a sum of Rs. 500/- which is given to the child by a very compassionate angel who wants to help children in need. “I would like to thank my angel for getting my lucky days back to me and making me stronger. Thank you angel” One day one of the staff interviewed us to know what we are doing with is money.

chart-news18 of us uses the money for additional nutrition.
16 utilizes it for medical purposes.
11 needs it for education.
5 of us gives it for house rent.

This is one of the story where a child is drastically helped her health. It has helped her cope with the strong medicines and made her to play also. This way many children who are very much in need of your support are waiting still for their lucky day to come and to start.