How We Do


We focus on the 4 basic rights of children, in 2002; Goa ratified the Rights of children. Our General chapter of 1996 urges us ” In all our apostolates we promote the dignity of human persons ,so that they can be free to develop their own gifts and participate in the task of Liberation and social transformation “Compassionate Justice ,rooted in our Charisma , call us to work for liberation and empowerment particurly of children and women.”

Why rights are important

Ensuring protection and care to orphans and vulnerable children and youth .It’s well known fact that any disease can drain an individual not only of physically and emotionally but also economically, as a constant attack of major as well as minor diseases. This affects the gainful employment of the parents. This brings insecurity to the family especially to children that too girl child. This lack of adequate financial resources of parents directly affects the following basic and essential rights of children.

  • The Right to Survival- to life ,health, nutrition, name and language.
  • Right to Development –to education ,care ,leisure, recreation.
  • Right to protection —from abuse ,exploitation, neglect.

Presentation Societies developmental works under jeevanjyothi s sustained by individual donors ,Trust ,corporates, Volunteers ,women’s associations that we build in Goa as well as outside .Together with these partners we carry out developmental initiatives for children and youth.

Our projects

Type Yearly costing per child Total No. of Beneficiaries Total Cost
Nutrition for childern on HIV medication Rs. 10,000 50 Rs. 5,00,000
Sustaining ill parents with a longer period of life for their childern Rs. 8,000 75 Rs. 6,00,000
Clinical Assistance to childern and their parents in the way of medicine, hospital care, home care. Rs. 2,000 125 Rs. 2,50,000
Sensitization programmers to reduce stigma and discrimination Rs. 200 500 Rs. 1,00,000
Educational support to childern (Primary, Secondary) Rs. 5,000 500 Rs. 25,00,000
Educational support to Higher Education (Minimum) Rs. 10,000 50 Rs. 5,00,000
Psycho social support counseling, picnics, group gatherings, trainings Rs. 5,000 500 Rs. 25,00,000
Family Reintegration Rs. 5,000 75 Rs. 3,75,000

Psycho social support.

Awareness building, group discussions and formation of self-help groups, enable and empower the community to support an infected persons and its family.

Community Mobilization through formation of neighborhood and self-help groups.

Group Discussions, monthly meetings, awareness programmer’s microfinance, inclusion of persons of PlHIV in every group, trainings for health leaders.

Frequent home visits of HIV/AIDS infected persons and their families by nurse and other staff members to monitor their health, Clinical and nursing care, psychological support through one to one counseling, group and family counseling.

Regular follows ups and support towards adherence to ART.

Making available nutritional and medical care to those who are most in need.

Legal assistance to those whose rights are being violated.

Educating women on modern banking systems to fight the organized and exploitative local financial systems.

Enabling the less privileged children and orphans to live with their immediate or surviving families instead of pushing them to hostels, boarding’s or orphanages.

Forming child care committees in the communities where children live.

Child Care Committee concept

child-care-committeeChild Care committee is to have a broad based understanding on caring, protecting and creating an inclusive approach to orphans and semi orphans whose rights, safety and basic needs may be at risk or violated. Such children or individuals may be below the age of 16 years for boys and girls below 18

A locally based persons who are willing to be volunteers from any particular or religious community ,local self government s representatives ,teachers ,leaders of self help groups ,relatives . The committee should have minimum of 4 members including that particular child.

The qualities of the CCC

⇒ A commitment to care for the orphans.

⇒ Voluntarily to visit ,care and protect the OVC.

⇒ A sense of responsibility and integrity.

⇒ A willingness to listen to children.

⇒ Able to commit time and energy to attend meetings.

Foster care or Donor Relative care

Facilitating the rights of children through basic needs education, medical assistance and other psychological needs.

Donate for a HIV infected

⇒ child with a packet of Milk Rs 600/ monthly.

⇒ family member with nutritious food whose CD4 below 400 —- Rs 700 for a month.

⇒ Medicine Rs 500 for a person.

⇒ Continuous three months Counseling for a newly infected person to re build new hope and new life Rs 1000.

⇒ Become a Donor Relative Career for One year for Rs 500 for 12 months for a vulnerable child or orphan.

⇒ Educate and provide skill training Rs 800 to 10000.