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A volunteer is a person willing to give her/his time and energy for one or more children who may be living in the close vicinity of a vulnerable child or teaching in the same school where a child or children study. A volunteer may be identified by the staff of the NGO

A volunteer is recruited on the basis of their concern for orphans. Volunteers are the back bone of the project. Trainings are provided to volunteers on child rights and informal counseling skills .

The volunteer gives support and guidance to the child care givers .The volunteer complement the existing family coping mechanisms rather than displacing children.


Volunteers from Foreign countries provided trainings in jewelry making and also conducted easy reading sessions using phonics for children with learning difficulties . Adolescents above 15 years including school drop outs were given career guidance .




Volunteers preparing children for the new academic year.


Volunteers in the fund raising event.


Training children in art and craft.


Be a compassionate Partner

History of Compassionate Partners or Donor relative care givers.

It was initiated on Oct 11th 2012 to observe International Day of Girl child.

United Nations General assembly on Dec 19th ,2011 officially adopted the day to recognize girls rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world .For its First Observance theme focused was “ Ending Child marriage ”

Girls with low levels of schooling are more likely to be married early ,and child marriages has been shown to virtually end a girl’s education.

Preventing child marriage will protect girl’s rights and help reduce their risks of violence, early pregnancy, HIV infection and maternal death. When girls are able to stay in school and avoid being married early, they can build a foundation for a better life for themselves and their families and participate in the progress of the nation.

Presentation Society’s Social work wing Jeevanjyothi working with HIV infected and affected children and adolescence has enlisted 90 girls between the ages of 0- 25 years in 2013 January. Among these 34 girls are orphans 56 are semi orphans. All of them belong to very low income category and some of them have already engaged in small jobs either during school vacations or work after school hours to bring an additional income to the family. There are also instances where girls are forced to take a drop from school when mother or grandmother is unable to work and feed the family.


Related Case Stories

Anita Naik 14 years old suddenly took a drop two years back from school.

Ankita Naik who lost her father five years back was supported by her mother. Anita and her sister along with her mother lives in a rented house. Till last year mother was able to bring the money from her work at construction site. Suddenly she fell sick and took to bed, the two girls basic needs could be barely met by the mother. So the mother forced the elder daughter Anita studying in Class V11th to stop going to school and got her engaged as a domestic worker in a family earning of Rs 2000/ monthly. Here she washed clothes and cleaned the house almost 7 hours of day.

Sponsorship by compassionate partners to the daughters brought a sigh a relief to the family. The compassionate partners assist this family in understanding the problems and concerns over the health of the mother and the education of the younger child. The mother’s health began to improve.

v13ASHWINI Gupta a Semi Orphan, whose father expired 6 months back due to HIV. He did not know about his HIV status, and hence no medication was given. After his death the mother was tested and she was found to be HIV+ whose CD4 is 16. The mother became compelled to think of pulling out of school and engaging as house maid. The child’s right to education violated. The compassionate partners appealed to the mother to allow her to complete her education. One of the partner’s sponsors Aswini Gupta monthly .Aswini and her sister’s right to care and protection also is at risk as her mother is ill. Jeevanjyothi social centre of Presentation Society making all efforts to keep the mother alive wit the provision of special nutrition.

Here is another story of two other girls who lost their father due to illness and the mother was ill too. The elder girl after reaching 15 years took a drop from school and began to work and brought additional income to the family. After a year she became a victim of a wrong relationship which made her very disappointed and pained. Out of frustration she even tried to commit suicide.

In seeing many cases like this Presentation society on 11th Oct 2012 on International Girl child day initiated the compassionate partners or Donor Relative care programme or project. This programme mainly focuses on girls or children who are living in very poor conditions or may be abandoned or harassed by their relatives. Such l children are always considered as a financial burden. She is looked at as an object. Such situation can make the guardian to pull the child out from school and send her for some odd jobs .Once the child is out from school her social security can be at risk. She is forced to face many dangerous situations especially of human trafficking, rape and murder. in order to give more social security in society and family and sustain a girl child in school and complete her education and build up her strength and vitality in her extended family, the programme identifies and locates persons or families living economically well and has a compassionate heart and lives in integrity who are ready to reach out beyond their own families. If a compassionate partner unnessacirly encourages the child to go to the boarding or stay with some other relative the support is withdrawn.

There are three partners, are the guardian, the compassionate partner (the donor) and Presentation Society. All three are required to empower the child into a beautiful persons educated and empowered.

The three partners makes an agreement to care ,support and be a link for the well being of the child for a period of time . On monthly basis an amount of Rs 500 to 750 as per the agreement is deposited by the donor into the account of the link organization Presentation Society. Before the 10th every month, the guardian along with the child collects it from the NGO, while giving some information regarding the wellbeing of the child.

All the partners are in communication with each other to ensure the wellbeing of the child. Some donors are also ready to care for HIV infected children. This attitude of some donors or partners have been very touching.


Among the 25 children in the Compassionate partner or Donor – Relative care scheme.

  • 15 children’s care taker or the guardian uses the support of Rs 500- 750 for providing more nutrition in the family.
  • For some of them it helps to give their children non vegetarian food once a month. Children have narrated the story to us while coming to collect the money .Most of the children are either orphans or semi orphans.
  • The survivor parent is the mother and she often falls sick due to HIV. As she is the bread winner of the family, finds difficult to reach the work place.
  • 7 children uses it for education paying the school fees, or the coaching fees. 3 who are HIV + are helped to get medicine. Presently there are 25 .such compassionate partners, caring for a girl child or an HIV infected child, meeting the child in the office of the NGO and interacting with them.