River Marathon Posted July 4, 2016 by admin


It was just fun and laughter.

60 children along with our staff participated in the River Marathon 8th dec 2013. It was just fun and laughter.
Marathon In Vasco on 8th Dec 2013 has been a different Kind. A fund racing event for differently abled children, mentally challenged persons, cancer patients and vulnerable orphans of Presentation Society.

Sahil says it was interesting to run with big companies, rich persons and reputed personalities. These were running for those who are considered not OK insome way. It was amazing to note that there are people who remember less skilled and vulnerable persons in the society.”

Ankita says “I was disappointed that I did not get one of those red T shirts to take it home “.
“But I got some small gifts and a drink and samosa and biscuits.” Says Prakash.
Nagesh remembers “ last year we were not given the chance. some other children were taken out “