Stories of Light

Case Story 1

Dhanalaxmi and Maya, two sisters became victims of HIV/AIDS and are left alone today. They lost their parents one after another. They had to put their hopes in their Grandmother who from the beginning displayed rejection in the form of a burden in the family. Finally the both the girls began to insist for the boarding as both had unpleasant situation in the rented house of their grandmother. There were other family members too living in the house. The house was congested with people and at times the two children were overburdened with work. Dhanalaxmi, the teen age girl began to react to situation. Almost every month family counselling and other psychological supports had to be provided for the family and the two girls. At last the two girls had to be put in a boarding school to see some change. The same year in June 2012 the grandmother suddenly died of heart attack.

The two girls were connected to their aunt who has left Goa and gone back to her village in Karnataka. Jeevan Jyothi Social Centre plays the link in helping the children to be connected to their roots by reaching them to the village of their aunt during vacations. Visiting the boarding, meeting their educational and boarding needs, counselling them to adjust to new situations etc is been done by Jeevan Jyothi now. The elder aunt has agreed to be the guardian when Jeevan Jyothi has dialogued regarding the future of the two girl. The education and other needs of the two girls for the future will be met by the centre. It is continuous process of future commitments for children and especially the girls.

Case Story 2

Marriage Preparations were on for Mectilda Madar 19 years old who was sold once for Rs. 25000. She tried to end her life after coming to know of the deal among her friends. Mectilda’s mother a widow and infected with HIV lives with the help of ART in a rented house. The neighbours and friends of Mectilda know that the mother has no means of getting her married. Therefore an easy way of making money was getting into flesh trade.

Immediately after the incident, last December the family was called and the possibility of her marriage was discussed. The mother and the son who is 21 years old agreed to look for a boy from their village in Karnataka. Financial support of Rs . 25000 was promised and given by Jeevan Jyothi to the family to get her married. Last May 2012 they found a partner for her. They live happily now.

Case Story 3

18 year old Tony was rusticated from school for misbehiour. This resulted in constant fight s and tension in the family atmosphere due to which HIV infected mother’s CD4 count dropped down grastically . Tony planned to run away from home and disclosed his intentions to us . He was called to our centre along with his family for counseling . After a few follow ups he was admitted in a renowned Technical Institute . His attendance and behiour was closely monitored . Tony showed a lot of improvement in his attitude towards life in the last three years . He also completed his class Xth through National Open Schooling. Presently he is working and waiting to get his result. He is now well mannered and also taken up a job for himself .