Visitors Note

Sr. Justine Mulcaly – Presentation Sisters, England.

The sisters and staff are sowing the seeds that will grow and blossom. I am deeply touched by your dedication to the poor and witnessing the Nano’s work.

Sr. Emer Monastery, Ireland.

Was very impressed with the whole project by the many projects to help those affected by HIV/AIDS. It is marvellous to see the holistic approach as you work with clients their families and the whole community. God bless the work and all engaged in it.

College of Social work, Nirmala Niketan.

Committed and passionate work. We were touched by the simplicity and genuine effort of the young team. We wish you all the best in this extremely difficult and sensitive task you have chosen to make a difference in.

Denise Walsh, Presentation Associates – Glossop England

Amazed at the wonderful work that is done by the team. I will try my very best to get support for you from England. Thank you very much for the wonderful welcome and information you have given here.