What We Do

What Jeevanjyothi social center does ?

Reaching care and ,protection to orphans and vulnerable children to light up their lives in Goa Under Presentation Society, We enable children to care for one another .Instead of running boarding’s ,hostels ,orphanages, we partner with Govt, schools, families individuals ,parents ,relatives of children and youth and communities to care and protect . Thus light up lives of persons. Our role is to be a link between orphans, Vulnerable children and women, youth and persons and organizations like you to empower the least in the society.

With our partners we work with Children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS Children orphaned by, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, or by any situation, vulnerable girl children.






The repercussions of HIV/AIDS are manifold .It spreads it’s vicious clutches throughout every domain of humankind. Physical, familial, societal, psychological, so on and so forth in the life of a HIV client .In order to combat all these life situations and maintain an equilibrium, counseling plays a very significant role. Counseling is defined as a professional relationship between a counselor & a counselee, which is direct towards bringing n a positive change n the life /presenting problems of the client.

Counseling pertains to HIV/AIDS varies in accordance to several techniques like ICTC(pretest and posttest counseling ,health counseling, motivational counseling, sex and sexuality s to use an eclectic approach wherein ,the client finds a solution or at least a path way to his /her presenting problems .

ICTC (pretest and posttest) counseling.

Over 5000 persons have been counsel.

Re integration of persons in the family, community and society who are victims of HIV/AIDS. Through a community and home based approach.

Creating an enabling environment by reducing stigma and discrimination.

Preparing the neighborhood communities is to take up the care of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Halting and reversing prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Goa specially among the migrants with the support of NACO.A project funded and technically supported by National Aids Control society.

Stigma and discrimination Reduction activities.

Ensuring protection and care to orphans and vulnerable orphans and children.

Capacity building training in the field of social work.